Saturday, June 17, 2006


A question about circulars

Dear all - I have never knitted on circulars before and want to start the buttonhole bag from the MD blog site. Is there anything I should know before I start? I am lefthanded too so that always makes everything so much more interesting! Thanks! Sera

Hi! I bought Addi Turbos when I started my first circular project and I love them. Sorry I can't help on the left-handed part. Good luck - I love to knit in the round and the buttonhole bag will be one of my future projects.
Here's what took me some trial-and-error to figure out, since my knitting book wasn't specific enough when it came to knitting on circulars. (And this is from a right-hander's perspective.)

When using straight needles, the yarn tail hangs on my left needle before I begin a row. But when you're knitting on circulars, and it's time to join the ends, the yarn tail (the working yarn) should be on the right needle. That way, when you insert the needle into the stitch on your left needle, you actually join the ends together. Make sure you don't twist the stitches.

When knitting the buttonhole bag, you knit the bottom piece first and then pick up stitches around the edges. So it might not matter which side the tail is on. But if you're starting a sweater, hat, sock, etc, it will matter.

Sometimes my join seems kind of loose and stretchy. Try to keep it tight but don't force it. I usually just tighten it up when I weave in the tail.

Hope this helps.
I second the Addi Turbo recommendation. They are fabulous. I tend to knit looser on them, which was great when I used to knit really tight. Now that I generally knit looser, I often go down a size or two on Addis. But I swear by them.
I'm left handed and knit almost exclusively with circulars, but I don't knit any differently than right handers... so I don't know if that helps or not. I love circulars.
Ok well from reading these terrific posts it seems that I am left handed in all things but knitting. I must have taught myself right handed.

Kara - thanks for the tip on twisting.

I am now yearning for AddiTurbos??? LOL - now if I can just figure out how to kfb I should be fine. Promise to post this bag if I get the hang of it.
As a lefty, you may want to go to

She recently had a long post about lefthanded knitting that might be helpful to you.
whoops! that site is letmeexplaiknit
Thanks Maureen - the circular was a little tricky but then I think I got the hang of it.

On the bag - knits up sooo fast!
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