Friday, June 30, 2006


Slooooow Progress!

OK, y'all, seven squares done, number eight in progress. If I don't lose my bloomin' mind, I should be ready to start joining my blankie together by the end of next week.

Which brings me to my question for you: which square arrangement should I use? Photo #1 shows the squares all facing the same direction with the dark corner left and down and the light corner right and up. Very uniform, but maybe a little dull?

Photo #2 shows the squares so that 4 dark or light corners are placed together to form diamonds within the larger square. (Can you see the diamonds? Squint a little.) This configuration looks more exciting to me, but it seems to be impossible to avoid having same color strips touching. Should I let that bother me?

It should now be obvious that A) I am spending WAY too much time shuffling blanket squares when I ought to be knitting more, and B) my neighbors are getting a little concerned about why I keep taking pictures of my driveway! ;)

Dull? NO WAY! I love this! And I really like the second picture - how the squares make diamonds - very cool. Great work!
I rather liked the first one better. For some reason, it reminded me of those old black-and-white photo studies where there would be a series of photos of the same subject, all in a row. I think that arrangement highlights the variations in the different squares better.
i like photo 2. the diamonds look really cool!
I like the overall design/color of #1 best.
#2: The diamonds are nice but secondary to the look of it. I don't care for the white borders on the outside of the piece.
I think the arrangement of the first photo looks more like a shadow found in nature. it mimics the way light falls. I think it is a more classic look. I also think the second one is a bit too busy for the eye and makes the eye jump all over between the contrasting lights and darks. The first one is much more soothing!

Love the idea - what yarn is it?
I love it! I like the diamonds, but I would reverse it and do the dark outside, light inside. Can't wait to see what you end up doing.
This is Encore Worsted, my favorite yarn for afghans.
I really like photo number one.
It looks great both ways but I'm partial to the Diamond layout. It seems more classic to me.

Lots of different ways to see the same thing, isn't there? Kind of fun.
I can see why you keep running out to the driveway to take pictures - this is shaping up to be a great blanket.

I don't really have a preference for one verses the other, they both seem to make beautiful patterns. Whatever you decide is going to look amazing.
i like the first picture best. the diamond pattern in the second pic is not centered and that would end up bothering me. also i think it is ok that it bothers you that the some colors touch-it would bother me too! ;) configuration #1 all the way!!!
I like the first one but it's a subjective thing. They are both great so you should choose the one you like best!
The blanket looks wonderful. I am partial to the quilt look of the diamond shapes. It will be interesting to see what you end up choosing.
Love the diamond in the center. So dynamic. But a beautiful piece any way you sew it up.
I think the second layout needs squares in multiples of four to look its best, maybe save that one for next time?

there is nothing boring about the first one!
i like the diamonds. are you planning only 9 squares? if so, it would form two main full-size diamonds, diagonally across the blanket, one dark and one light. i think that would be very cool.
Yes, I'm planning on 9 squares total. Once it is assembled, I'll add some border strips to make it more of a rectangle. I just want it to be "couch-blankie" size for cozy TV viewing. Will be a gift for my parents 39th wedding anniversary.
Since you are giving to your parents, I would say, think about which they would like. My mom would love the non-traditional diamonds, but my husband's mom would be definitely in favour of number 1. Both look great to me.
Personally I like #2 better.

Not a color I would have picked up in the store, but I love the end result! It's stunning! Perhaps that's my cue to be a tad more adventurous in my color choices?
As you are only going to use 9 squares, I like the first arrangement best. However, my real preference would be for arrangement 2 with more squares so you get more dark diamonds.

From years of experience with light and dark shapes, I think that those that give an unexpected 'extra' are more interesting. You would be surprised how many people can't recognise that the squares are all the same as they see only the part some need to squint to see.
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