Thursday, June 01, 2006


That Warshrag

You all know how much I loved the felted boxes. I of course love Ann & Kay. But the most popular pattern from The Book? I'm not really feeling the love. Maybe it's the Lion Cotton, maybe it's the Pony Purls. I'm more of a Denise grrl myself, but the straights were more handy, and worth trying for a change. I am certainly going to finish this dishcloth. I may even make another with opposite colors. Or dig out the Peaches&Cream they sent me as a prize ~ every entrant got one ~ years ago. (As a native Tar Heel, I am eager to support a Carolina manufacturer.) But I'm missing that potato-chip sensation. Perhaps the round one is more my speed. Stay tuned!

I'm with you! When I first leafed thru the book, the warshrags didn't do it for me. I thought they were mundane and not my cup of tea. I have learned to love the rest of the book, tho, and I am enjoying log cabin-ing quite a bit! Altho everybody has shown really fun and creative color combos- I just don't feel the need to create any myself.
I think the warshrags are adorable, but my hands get sore knitting with Peaches 'n Cream, so I don't see myself making too, too many.
I think the warshrags are very cute, but not likely to be addictive if you are used to more "challenging" projects. I tried one and it turned into a baby bib just to keep me interested. I will say, I bet you'd be having more fum if you had chosen an ombre. Something about the color changes sucks you in, like self-striping sock yarn.
Am I the only one that sees bricks when looking at your warshcloth? LOL
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