Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Tropical log cabin

A mini log cabin, border and all, masquerading as yet another dishcloth, over the top tropical in yellow (Peaches, yellow), turquoise (Sugar, hot blue), pink (Sugar, hot pink), orange (Sugar, hot orange), and green (Sugar, hot green). It’s way brighter in person than this photo suggests.

I've got something from the book that's completely different on the needles at the moment, but that won't stop the dishcloth quest, I'm sure; too much fun! Kelly

Love the colors! If it's brighter in person you must need sunglasses to look at it! :)
This is lovely, and what a good idea. I need some practise at picking up stitches (I had one go at a bit of log-cabining, using some remnants of yarn, and it wasn't too good).
This might be just the way to perfect my technique.
This is a very unique color combination - and it looks so pretty!

I had the same trouble when it came to learning to pick up stitches. It was a lot of trial and (even more) error to get it right, but I'm glad that I kept at it. I love Log Cabin knitting.
I made one in blue w/out the border! It really did help me p/u the stitches, but now I think I need a tropical one.

(Just for more practise of course.... *grin*)
I love the colors & love the idea! I will make a little one - picking up stitches makes me nervous too - I haven't met a ball of Peaches n' Creme I didn't like so I have quite the stash.
What a great idea. I'm currently making a washcloth using the burp cloth pattern because someone else did. I think it was you, maybe?

It's great fun coming here for terrific ideas!

Thanks for posting!
A mini log cabin washcloth?! What a fantastic idea! Love the bright colors. I'll keep this idea in mind when I have a lot of left-over bits of yarn :)
that is just too cute. I was also just thinking of what to do with leftover amounts of yarn, now I know!
Too cute! Thanks for posting!
Very cute idea! Alisonk, try picking up stitches with a crochet hook and then transfer them to the knitting needle. This works well for me.
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