Thursday, June 08, 2006


Welcome MD knitters!

Hello mason dixon knitters!!
I just recieved my book, and am waiting for a rather *large* shipment of yarn to come in from the Peaches and Cream folks (,,they are in the process of moving so it will be a bit longer than expected,) I ordered enough to do a bathrug and many other items,,,so I must wait until they are ready to ship out,, a very nice company to deal with , to my added surprise color cards are available!

Just so you all know, the company offers a " mason dixon " pack of varied colors,,( which I added to the order!),,,,,,I,cant wait to see them,,,
It works out OK as I am busy making fathers day gifts and by far the most requested gifts by DH is socks socks and more socks,,,

on size 0 needles
( so he can wear them with dress shoes)

so now, I am working on these for DH and DD,,, and waiting for my box to come.
Oh yes,,,I ordered a TON of Shine from KnitPicks to start a baby log cabin blankie also..,
I really enjoy the group and LOVE all your finished projects,,,its very encouraging for me to see so many lovely finshed projects!
Keep up all the good work MD knitters!
blessings to one and all,,,,

What is in the Mason Dixon pack?
I looked at the Cotton Clouds website and was not able to see a Mason Dixon line for Peaches and Cream. How did you find it?
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