Saturday, June 03, 2006


Well I am new at this whole blogging thing but I think I finally figure out how to post my pictures. I made my dish rag and bib in just a few nights. I love them both. I had so much fun doing them both. I went and bought more of the peaches and cream yarn to make some more. I had a hard time with my edge on the dish rag where you have two colors and I tried to bring up the color A but it doesn't look great. Any suggestions? I have really enjoyed everyones pictures and knowledge. Thanks for all the ideas and info.

You can add a row of crochet to the side edges (many knitting books include this as a finishing technique) and they will look almost exactly like your cast-on and bound-off edges.
I never really consider warshrags "done" until they are washed once. Washing will shrink the yarn, and pull it all into a tighter knit. Will also shrink those carried yarns to blend in better. Not to worry, washing makes it *all* look better.
Also, don't forget the old wrap it every row carry. Since these are tiny projects you even get to do the "wrap yarn B back around the non working end of the needle" to trap yarn A against the side - which means no twisted yarn between the 2 balls! Just remember, unless you are leaving loops the size of men's egos, they will disappear with the wash.
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