Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Back to basics

A ball band dishcloth, by the book. It was fun seeing how the ombre sorted itself out. This is the same ball of SnC “summer splash” that turned my #7 bamboo needles green back in June (they’ve recovered nicely). I’ve got something else in progress on that pair at the moment, so this dishcloth came off the circular #7 Denise I used for the Nina-ish towel. I liked the cotton/Denise combination -- and the mix of solid slipped stiches with an ombre main color -- well enough to cast on another one today (the orange/pink/yellow ombre is SnC "playtime").


LOVE the fading on this warshrag. Love, love, love.
Very nice. I like your choices of colors and these washcloths, as always are summery and refreshing.
I, too, love the way that the ombres play out. Makes me want to try every combination! I also found that they look better if I knit it "by the book" (I had dropped one repeat L to R because I wanted a smaller rag, but the pooling was kinda ugly that way, so I'm back to suggested width)
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