Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ballband Color Help

I'm having a hard time deciding what color to match with this SnC Natural Ombre for a ballband washcloth. Any suggestions? I just hit the Michael's $1 sale, so I have lots of options!

I used this for my Absorba, and I think either white or jute will match.
How about sage green? Or black?
I think it it would work nicely with a solid blue or green :)
For something completely different - go with one of the brighter solid colors - fun contrast! :)
With pink, brown and vanilla you can have Neapolitan Ice Cream!
Great suggestions, thanks! Lucky for me, I picked up 3 balls during my frenzied attack of the Michael's sale bin. I'm definitely going to make one with white, one with sage green, and one with pink. Then I'll see what other bright solids I have for the rest. Thanks!
i think a cornflower blue would look great
I'd go with turquoise. Maybe add a few contrasting "stripes" of brick red for a Southwestern look.
I would do something bright or dark. imo you need contrast, not a match for the most successful ball band warshrag. Of course, everyone has their own preferences.
I agree with Jeri. I started my first with a varigated yellow/white/blue, and then solid yellow for the other. When the yellows are matching up, it's hard to see which are the slip stitches. It just doesn't look as punchy as when there is complete contrast. I would do something bright, very different from that ball, to get the most out of the pattern.
I have the same problem!
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