Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Bordering on Miter Been Crazy

I added a border to my Mason Dixon interpretation of the Mitered Square Washcloth. I think it really helps to give it a nice finished look. I do believe I might be joining the bandwagon of cotton-washcloth addicts! HollYarns

I LOVE this cloth. I like it better than the 9-patch. And what a difference the color choice makes! Really love those colors. Great job finishing.
It looks nice with the border and without. I agree with (the other) Kathy, the colors are very nice.
I like it! Great interpretation.
the border really makes this a standout piece. Great work!
the border adds so much - wonderful thought! how many stitches per row / how many rows? i might just have to do this sestup myself!

Love the lime!
I do like it a lot with the borders.
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