Monday, July 31, 2006


Dizzy Rug Question

I was wondering if anyone knew whether you're supposed to sew the ends of your strips of fabric when making a rag ball--or tie the ends? I am thinking about making the Dizzy Rug on page 96 but will almost certainly not be spending the time searching thrift and antique shops for rag balls. Any advice on rag ball-making would be most welcome!

Old sheets work great for rags. Either use a rotary cutter to make the strips like you would if you were making a quilt, or cut into the fabric then rip it the rest of the way. Hope that helps! You can also buy pre cut strips in a lot of craft stores now too.
When trying to connect your strips you can lay one out to the left right side up and the other out to the right, right side up. Cut a 1/2" slit in each strip and then place on top of each other right one on bottom. Line up the slits and then pull the right strip through the slits top to bottom and then back out to the right side and they are joined with out the knot of tying. I learned this method from Aunt Philly's rag rug pattern and it works great. She also tears her fabric to make strips. She takes two yards of fabric at a time and tears it along the selvege. It tears straighter and you have longer pieces. Sounds like a fun project! Have fun.
Thanks so much for the advice!
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