Monday, July 24, 2006


A few finished objects...

Just joined this group, and it looks like a lot of fun. I just learned to knit about three weeks ago, and my first book purchases were Stitch and Bitch and Mason Dixon Knitting. I was actually quite happy that although Mason Dixon has a lot of projects listed as for beginners, it didn't reproduce knitting instructions, leaving more room for projects.

I've finished (and almost finished) a couple of objects so far. Here's the first washrag I did -- I bound it off early because I had so many problems with it that I just wanted to start a new one. It actually works really well, though. Here you can see it in all its (alread used) glory:

I followed up with an actual full washcloth, as shown here:

And a comparison of the two:

Can you see why I gave up on the green one? :-) I don't know what I did, but I somehow managed to add extra stitches, I think by possibly knitting into both "legs" of the stitches near the color change. So it kept getting wider and wider. I also realized after a few rows on the first one that I didn't need to cut the yarn each time I changed colors. Classic beginner mistake.

I just recently finished the knitting portion of the kimono, and I copied someone else's suggestion I saw here of adding pink edging to make it look like there's an undershirt. I do have to take issue with the pattern saying you only need to CO, K, BO, and YO for the pattern, though. I bound off the first side, and then sat there for a while staring at the live stitches on my needles, wondering how to rejoin the yarn to them! I guess I'm maybe a bit more beginner than they realized. Anyhow, I generally like how it turned out, although I had some sort of problem where if I knitted out to 4" for the sleeves, it then didn't work out when I bound off the first 3 stitches of 8 rows and increased on the neck "until you reach 40 stitches" -- because by doing both at the same time, I hit 40 way before I'd done it for 8 rows. Maybe it was gauge thing? Anyhow, I have sleeves that are a bit bigger than usual to compensate, which will probably be fine. I also notice that when I fold mine up, I can't see the back of the neckline, unlike many other pictures I've seen on here. Not sure what's going on with that.

I still need to get some ribbons for the ties, and sew up the edges. Given that it's the first garment I've ever knitted, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.

I also have another washrag on the needles, to use up some of the extra pink I had from the kimono:

It's going to be a wild one, with hot pink and red together.

WOW! You're doing great for a beginner...your projects look fantastic!!!
Another missing picture. What's up with that?
Thanks, pixie!

Jeri -- I'm not sure what you mean by a missing picture. I did fiddle with the HTML for the post b/c I have pictures sized for my LJ blog, and they then don't seem to work well with the auto-upload for Blogger. But possibly I goofed on something?
when you make a kimono, do you do the yo one stitch from the edge or right on it? I tried it right on the edge and it doesn't look right.
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