Thursday, July 20, 2006


First Nine Patch

This is my first Nine Patch and my first mitered square. Somehow, the miter is one thing I never got around to doing. It's done now, imperfections and all. I followed the pattern exactly, and as you can see my corners don't look quite right. After some careful deliberation, I realized this is because it's done in garter stitch entirely and there's no way to get the stockinette-looking decreases this way. So I altered the pattern a bit by: when working the wrong side row (no decreases) I purled the 3 stitches involved in the decrease. This seemed to get it a more crisp "miter." Anyone else notice this? Other solutions?

My favorite technique is to slip the center stitch on wrong side rows with the yarn in front. That makes a neat chain down the center of the garter stitch. If you look in the May 2006 archive from this blog, you can see this in my post titled "Who Knew". Cute warshrag - you picked waaay better colors than me.
When I do garter stitch mitered squares, the decrease in the center is different than for stockinette. For the center 3 sts, do a
sl1, k2tog, psso
Hi, it's a sheepish Mason-Dixon Kay here. I just fixed the pattern on the MDK blog, to show how I did the miters with that 'spoke' of stockinette down the center. (On Row 2, purl the center stitch that is between the 2 decreases.)

Thanks for alerting me, Elizabeth! (I kinda like the way they look without the spoke, too, but then I like all kinds of miters, and the pattern SHOULD match up to the picture!)

xox Kay
PS: Becky's way looks cool too! Just slip the center stitch on the WS, with the yarn in front. Makes the 'spoke' even clearer. (Similar technique to the Baby Burp Cloth, where you slip it on the RS and purl it on the WS.)
Becky... I couldn't find the who knew... I will keep looking. I am always looking for a "different way."
I am going to have to try this pattern... looks too fun not to.
Go to main page of Mason Dixon KAL and on left border there is section titled What's Past if Prologue. Click on May 2006, and then you have to scroll down quite awhile to find my post. (May was a busy month for MDK knitters!!)
This is the first ninepatch that I like,
really looks great in the yarns you chose!
That looks awesome! I wish I had added an edge after looking at yours!
How great is this! Fabulous colors!
Thanks so much for all your input!! How awesome is it that I posted this today and already have a ton of answers. The internet rules.
How did you add the edge?
This looks so pretty! I love the colors that you've chosen. The blues really match well together.
I did a no frills, no counting or anything, single crochet edge. Nothin' fancy! I just thought it needed something to clean up my slightly funky edges.
I did what Kay said, even before I read this. (I guess I'm following that MD ingenuity!) I'll post pics when I get home to my camera cord!
I love your nine patch. This is one of my favorite quilt patterns so it makes sense that I like it in knitting. Have you washed it yet? Does the dark color bleed? I have some navy cotton and would like to try. Guess I can make a swatch and wash it.
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