Tuesday, July 25, 2006


FO: Ballband Hand Towel

I've made a bunch of the warshrags (my mom and I find them totally addictive). I always have one mindless project to work on while I am on the phone at work, so I cast on about twice the pattern repeats and made it into a hand towel for the kitchen. Had a big water spill this morning and the Peaches 'n Cream really soaks up like no tomorrow.

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We redid our kitchen for about $100 by refacing all the cabinets and painting, and adding some crown molding. This really gives it a nice touch of class.

If any of you live in the midwest... Michael's is having a $1 sale this week on peaches 'n cream!

what a cute idea. i love it.
i'm gonna CO right now for one of my very own!
Love the towel! i was thinking of doing that as well because that stitch just lends to a very nice texture for a towel, doesn't it? glad to see that it worked out so well! knit on! :o)
I can't remember how many I cast on, but I am pretty sure I just doubled the pattern repeats. This came out to about the size of 5 washrags.
That's adorable! I would LOVE to redo my kitchen for about $100.00 - unfortunately I think it's going to cost us 300 - 400, but hey - I can make a dishtowel now and spruce things up huh? Thanks!
Ooh, that's gorgeous! This is what I'm going to do with all my half- and third-size leftover skeins! Thanks for the inspiration! I particularly wish we had that kind of handle on the oven door that you can hang a towel over - it looks so pretty! But alas, we hang our towels over a kitchen chair...not nearly as cute or classy. :-P
I love your towel. I just painted my 1/2 bath and was planning to knit a hand towel to match using Sugar and Cream. It's great to see one finished. I love all the different colors that you have used.
I love this and am going to make that my next project with all the left over Peaches and Sugar - what a great idea :-)
I love it!
that's very cute. take it a step further, and make it bigger. you've got a cute little matching rug.
that looks great! I really like how the colors change.
I like it- your color variety seems very brave, but it works.
A woman after my own heart. My dream is a beach towel. Even I don't knit beach towels (yet). But wouldn't this texture make an awesome beach towel?
I think I need to head off to Michaels today! Love this idea!!

Isn't there a pattern towards the back of the book for a Ballband Warshrag rug?? Hhhmmmm
great expansion idea. i'm going to have to note it in the book for a later date.

your has a bit of retro feel.
I love it. What were your final dimensions?
I'm absolutely crazy for it.
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