Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey, a Ballband Warshcloth and and a dirty sink too...

I can only hope I'm not the only one soooo obsessed with knitting dishcloths that a sinkful of dirty dishes stares 'em in the back of the head everytime they walk by it. I would find it ironic... if I ever actually had an empty sink. Ready to roll on a Log Cabin or Moderne Baby Blanket soon. I am interested in hearing about favorite yarns used...gimme your two cents when you have a minute.


I used Caron Simply Soft for a Moderne Baby Blanket in white, black, grey, and green (called limelight). I know many knitters have problems with acrylic yarn, but my yarn budget is TIGHT and the Simply Soft came in the colors I wanted. I loved the results, and it's totally machine washable. Good luck with your blanket!
I like it. It's pretty. It'd match my bathroom better than the oclors I chose.
Another machine washable and economical yarn is Plymouth Encore. Comes in lots of colors and has just enough wool to feel good. I always order it from Patternworks.
If you have some in your stash, Cotton-Ease is knitting up wonderfully for my Log Cabin blanket.
Oooh, Plymouth Encore! I absolutely love this for baby sweaters and hats... great suggestion. I was considering Cascade 220...I realize it may felt if washe din hot, but would hate to toss the wool in the dryer. hmmm.
I'm using Mission Cotton. My swatch has been through the washer and dryer and came out good. It did fuzz just a little. But it is mice and soft.
You're not the only one.
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