Saturday, July 22, 2006


I finished it!

Knitting frantically against a deadline, I finished my log-cabin afghan this morning! Only had a few minutes to snap photos before the post office was going to close - it had to be mailed today to make it to AZ for my parents' anniversary. I included my 10 year old in the photo for scale (also cause she's a ham!) and the close-up shows the border strips I added. Choosing the colors for the border was easy - those were the two colors with the most yardage left-over. :) I'm very proud of how it turned out and VERY glad to be done and on to other projects!

Sheesh! You're fast! You inspired me to do a log cabin the same way but I only have one square done. Then again, I've been travelling and my deadline is Christmas (this OR next!!).

It's absolutely beautiful!
You should be proud.. that is beautiful.
Your blanket looks fantastic!
Seriously, that looks AWESOME!!!!
This is beautiful. I love the colors!
wow! that's fantastic!
Gorgeous! I love the color combos!
Oh and the usual questions - what yarn did you use and what size needles?

It looks great!
This is gorgeous!
This is so beautiful!! I love it.
beautiful!! wonderful job!
Looks great.
It IS beautiful, and you should be proud. Please do give the stats. I'm curious what size circ needle you ended up needing to finish. Yarn type and how much did you use or start with?? You may have posted all this earlier, but it's great to see as the FO is posted. Thanks! You've inspired a lot of us now.
that looks great!
It's gorgeous!! Congratulations on finishing in time. What a wonderful gift. I love the colors you used and the quilt pattern (block placement) you selected.
*so* beautiful!
W! O! W!

Beautiful!!!! COngrats!
Holy Moly that is big.
Great work! I can't help thinking you have tiny little fairy tale sized daughter and the afghan isn't really that big! :-)
Wow, looks awesome.
It turned out lovely! Thanks for the info on how long it took per square - I hear you about the border strips (but I was so excited that it was only 4 garter ridges rather than 9!). I am starting to save up to by yarn for another. Blankets do take a crap-load of yardage.
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