Monday, July 24, 2006


Just a question on log cabin and a HI!

HI there just joined in and wanted to say HI!! but I also have a question can I use cotton yarns like sugar and creme and cotton tots to make a log cabin from the book. I have some really pretty colors in these yarns that I think would make a beautiful log cabin but wanted to ask before I started one. I do have some other yarns that I am planning on using to make one for a family member but wanted to ask about these cotton yarns before doing them. Thanks!

I wouldn't recommend a large project like a blanket since they stretch differently and you might not be happy with the result.
I'm making my log cabin blankie out of Sugar & Cream yarn. I really like the cotton yarn and how the yarn is knitting up. The color choices are great, too.
I'm also making mine out of Sugar & Cream. I like how it's working so far.
Remember --- cotton is actually very heavy and you could end up with a 200 lb blanket. And cotton also has a very weird, stretchy drape and may not hold it's shape well on a large project. But hey, other people are doing it and are pleased, so what do I know? :)
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