Thursday, July 20, 2006


kimonos completed

I've been lurking and finally got into the KAL blog. I have finsihed two kimonos. The blue one is done in garter stitch and the yellow one in stockinette with garter stitch borders at bottom and sleeve edges. Both were fun. Now I'm working on a scribbler scarf. Will try and post a pic when finished.
The yellow kimono picture shows the loops I added to run ribbon through and the inside ties that I added to both kimonos. I remember those from the kimonos I used many many years ago when my babies wore them.

Your kimonos look really nice. I like the little ties that you've added.
Glad to read something about inside ties . . . .
I have finished knitting my kimono but have not done the seam because I was wondering about an inside tie.
Unless the kimono fits quite snug I would think the inside side would slip down and that would not look so nice.
I made 2 buttonholes for outside, but I think I will add the inside ties you did, wish I could see the detail better, Ingrid
I just crocheted a chain stitch tie inside. You don't have to do it before your sew the seams. Just start your crochet through a stitch on the inside seam even with the top corner that matches it.
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