Saturday, July 22, 2006


The Last Log in the Cabin

It's done! I'm so absolutely tickled with this blanket.
I have loads of Classic Cotton left over, too. I am a Pink Girl, through and through, so doing some greens and blues was very good for me. Of course, last night, as soon as the last wee end was woven in, I cast on something Pink and Girly. ;)

Edited to Add: Measurements would've been nice, huh?! I blame it on being under-caffeinated earlier. The blanket measures 38 inches by 42 inches, and is roughly 54 inches on the diagonal. It took me about two months of very sporadic knitting. I love every stitch -- it seems that my two-year-old does too, because he's been trying t0 cuddle with it while it blocks. Might have to make another one!

It's really nice looking, of course I love green. How big did it get?
Looks great. Just how big is it and how long did it take to knit?
hehe i was just going to come leave a comment like, "nice! how big is it?"

the people want to know.
Wow! That is wonderful!
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