Sunday, July 23, 2006


Log-Cabin Details

Got a couple of requests for specifics about my log cabin blanket, so here they are. I used bamboo circulars, size 9, 29" length. Even knitting the border strips, the stitches fit on the needles just fine. The yarn is Plymouth Encore Worsted. I had 3 skeins of each of the six colors. It was just enough of the dark green and the light tan because I used them for the border as well. For the four other colors, I have nearly a skein left, but 2 skeins wasn't enough. Final dimensions: about 64" square. I ended up grafting the blocks together because that looked the neatest, although it was time-consuming. It should hold together well, especially with the border to stabilize it. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

I love your blanket. The colors are great! But I'm confused about what you parts grafted together. I'm planning on making one of these and I don't remember reading about grafting in the instructions. Thanks. --Sally
OOPS. I thought your blanket was the one below this entry. I just check further. I love your blanket, too!! Now I understand why you were grafting. Sorry. --Sally
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