Monday, July 03, 2006


Log Cabin Exploration

While I love doing the log cabin, it gets to a point where I get a little bored with just going back and forth... maybe bored isn't the word.... impatient for it to be done might be better. I knew I wanted it bigger, but I couldn't continue with the strips or I was going to go crazy... so I have decided to do a checked border to separate it from a larger border design that I have yet to decide upon. Just like a real quilt!

I love this idea! That looks great. Are you using a slip stitch pattern? I love the log cabin concept, but that much garter stitch would drive me nuts--I've been thinking of playing with different stitches too. In an older quilt book I have they did a sampler pattern with a large central square then many different borders--you could do flying geese, other patterns, stripes, etc.
That looks awesome! There are several famous quilters who use a lot of black and white checks, though I can't remember their names to save my life. Really, really cool knitted log cabin!
I love the black and white checks because I always feel it gives the eye a place to rest (strangely enough)while making the colors more powerful.
I was playing with idea of either flying geese border, or zig zag or maybe even dots! I love dots!
I used a strange version of intarsia or fair isle (sp?) style to do the checks. I kind of invented my own way of caring the spare color across and the back side looks pretty good.
I like the check pattern a lot. I, too, have thought the same thing about the monotony of doing the same stitch over and over--it's the one thing that has kept me from doing the log cabin and also the moderne blanket. That's what knitting machines are for. LOL Be sure to post when you are finished. I can't wait to see what you came up with. Cheers!
So striking! Can't wait to see how it all comes out. Thanks for sharing!
Very cool! Great idea. I love checkerboards in quilts. How clever to add one to your knitted blanket too!
What a fantastic idea to include the checkerboard pattern! It looks great! I can't wait to see the finished project!
LOVE the checked border, it makes it shine all the more. Now, is that a hard thing to knit up? I've not done that before.
love, love, love the checkerboard!
Great idea, I think the checkerboard would make a great stripe too.
The checkerboard, because of the intarsia element, is heaveier than the normal stripes, so it might cause some problems within the design.
Nice colors. Great job
How are you dealing with the corners?
That's a good question, Mariel. I am just finishing the bottom checker border and I was wondering the same thing. I may just leave it black... or maybe put a color triangle in there or ... I think just leave it black... simplicity on this first one is probably the best decision.
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