Sunday, July 30, 2006


The Mason Dixon Giftset!

I gave a couple warshrags to my granny, and my mom has been carryin' on about how great and awesome they are. So for her 60th birthday next month, I'm making her a giftset! I'm using the colors of her bathroom and making 2 warshrags and a handtowel all in different patterns. I like that they're not alike, but matching nonetheless.


oooh! looks really neat. What are the colors?
These cloths are really nice. You did such a nice job with the 9-patch - it looks so nice and neat. I agree with bfmomma - please tell us the colors.
oh wow, what a great combination, I love your idea. I'm doing a ballband in white/yellow, yellow/white, but I think I will also try the nine patch and bib pattern as well! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
I used Sugar & Cream cotton. The colors are light blue and ecru with some light blue flecky things. I can't find the labels and the ecru with flecky things is a color that doesn't seem to exist on the internet. Thelight blue is actually much softer in person. Happy knitting!
what a wonderful gift!
Those are beautiful.
Nice job.
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