Sunday, July 09, 2006


MDK Rag Rug Get Together

We had a fabulous Mason Dixon Rag Rug T-Shirt Party at Mass Ave Knit Shop today. Over 25 women got together to cut t-shirts, wind balls and knit rag rugs together.
In fact we had so much fun we have already planned a second session. This time will be a two step process. First session we are going to tie-dye some t-shirts... take them home... cut them and bring them back to mix with others and knit together.

My friend Kerrie is holding two of the three balls we created for her rug.

Just thought we had not seen any of the rugs yet... or at least I hadn't, so here is one started.

That is fabulous! I've got this project on my list; I only wish I could hang out with you guys and get it started at a party.
I love this idea so much. And Kerrie looks way too happy with her 2 t-shirt ragballs!!! xoxo Kay
We miss you Kay! Hope the quilting is going well.
This project is on my list of things to do as I clean my sons' rooms out and empty my drawers and closets of outgrown and no-longer-care-to-wear t-shirts! :)

What a great idea to turn the cutting, connecting and balling into a party!
Woo, someone's hands are going to be hurting with all that BIG "yarn".
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