Sunday, July 23, 2006


Miter Been Crazy

Made a Mason Dixon mitered square washcloth from Sugar'n Cream. Definitely found that I am an all-metal needle girl when it comes to working with cotton. Boy, oh boy, was knitting cotton with bamboo a miserable experience; instead of knit-slide-knit-slide, it was grind-grind-teeth-gritting grind. I am most likely going to add a border to give it a pulled together, finished look. In the end, I think this will be a small gift with some nice handmilled soap.

Up next--now that my fear of washcloth-type cotton has been conquered and metal needles have been bought: the ballband dishcloth!

What a neat looking warshcloth... and the colors are wonderful!
What a neat adaptation of the Nine Patch. I'm toying with the idea of a blanket made of Nine Patch squares, but maybe I could have some mitered squares and some of the squares you knit as well. What do you think? The key would be to make all of them the same size!
It is amazing to me how different the "4-Patch" looks from the "9-Patch". You did a great job of creating something new! I LOVE the colors and the way you displayed your post. Nice job!
To Sherry: I think it would be really cute and very patch-work-y quilt looking. I don't think it would be too hard to make them the same size, it'll just take some of the dreaded swatching!
And to all: Thanks for the wonderful compliments! Glad to hear that you all think that it looks good.
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