Thursday, July 27, 2006


Must Wash a Lot of Dishes in That House...

Yes, another washcloth. And, yes, there's already another one on the needles. They're the perfect break from all of the stockinette I have going on elsewhere, and they certainly are a quick fix. I made a few very tiny changes in this one -- only cast on 33 stitches, and only 11 "waffle lines" long. My hands are really small, and this seems to make the perfect size. Also, I soaked this one in vinegar and water to see if it'll hold its color a little better. If not, that's OK. I'll love it anyway.

Love these colors. Really different, and homey (not homely!) looking.
As I mentioned in a related posting on the dishrags, how'd you work the color change with the lighter spacing and border. It looks amazing.....I like the pattern so much. Would probably make a great summer afghan. Not as if I don't have enough projects going already!
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