Thursday, July 13, 2006


Nina shawl

I finished the Nina shawl some time ago but haven't got round to posting a picture.
I've knitted it for an exchange and will mail it tomorrow. I shall be sorry to see it go.
Here are also 2 washcloths done with the yarn leftovers. My next projects from the book will be the baby kimono and bibs for my niece who is expecting a boy in September

Love the vibrant colors!! What yarn did you use?
That shawl is GORGEOUS!
wow! it's amazing.

did you use P&C or S&C for the shawl? wow... I didn't look at the pattern that closely....
The shawl looks awesome. Another item to add to my list.
Simply beautiful. Wish I was your exchange partner!!!
Details woman on the Nina Shawl! What type of yarn did you use, how long did it take, was it hard? The colors are just wonderful!!!!
love it! I would also love to know the yarn you used. Thanks!
your nina shawl is beautiful!
I'm starting mine and i'll post it as soon as it is done. how long did it take you?
I came to leave the same comments as everyone else! What yarn did you use for the Nina Shawl? It's so beautiful!!
I love the colors!!
I love the colors!!
Your shawl is beautiful! Great job.
I used debbie Bliss Cathay as I am in the UK and could not find the recommended yarn. It did not take long at all, in fact I added a couple of stripes as I wanted it a bit longer. It's dead easy. Go on girls have a go!
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