Thursday, July 27, 2006


Nine patch bathmath, halfway done – and a kimono question

After I made my first ninepatch dishcloth, I couldn’t get the idea of a ninepatch quilt out of my head. Or, as it turns out, a ninepatch rug/mat for a blue and white bathroom. More photos and the process so far on my blog.

Also – has anyone used Cherry Tree Hill North Country Cotton for the kimono yet? I found a hank of Wild Cherry in a sale basket this week – gorgeous colors! – any advice? Thanks, Kelly.

That looks great, are you using double strands or single??
Totally digging the I have another new idea in my silly little head!!
That looks great! What a wonderful idea. The colors that you are using look very nice.
Thanks, everybody. Stephanie, to answer your question: it's single strand, so it is pretty thin. I'm thinking that, since it's for the kids' bathroom, the thinness would make it easy to wipe up the floor after they're out: a hybrid bathmat/towel.

And given that the bathmat was inspired by nine patch quilts, it's easy to imagine doing this as a baby blanket instead!
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