Monday, July 24, 2006


Project Monogamy...anyone else suffer?

I received this lovely skein of cotton chenille from my One Skein Secret Pal... plans for it already as you can see. My potholder loop rug is almost finished. I'm just kind of bored with it. Abby, kudos on making such a huge one...Wow! Why is it I have problems juggling more than one project? Does anyone else suffer from project monogamy?


I typically have 2 or 3 projects going at once. One for the subway, one for home and usually one that goes in both places. I typically will start everything on the subway and when it becomes to large to handle, it gets "sent home" for completion, i.e. my log cabin blanket. Where that has become now too large, I have to decide on a new project for my commute, probably some ballband's until I can decide since they are quick and easy.
I too, have numerous projects going at the same rags, kimonos, button hole bags. Everything knits up so fast you don't have time to be bored.
I thought everyone had at least two projects going at the same time!
I usually have three active projects (handtowel, ballband, bobble washcloth) and several "inactive ones" meaning I haven't picked them up in over a month and it maybe hard figuring out where I left off. I'm bad, I know! :)
I'm with you, Stacey. I love my current project. If I put it down and start something else, I don't love it any more! So, yes, I'm a monogamist -- a serial monogamist. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to do next and that's what gets me through the current project when I'm at the end and it starts getting tedious (like right now when I only (ONLY??) have 14 more rows on the last block of the Baby Moderne Blanket. I'm thinking only of finishing this so I can move on to the log cabin that I have the yarn for! But I don't mind being this way if it's the only way I get things done! --Sally
I'm horriable about multiple projects. Especially here. I see what everyone else is doing and the next thing you know, I'm buying yarn again. My boyfriend is always like "Did you already finish the project we bought yarn for last weekend?!" and then I have to looke sheepishly at the floor. I don't take him yarn shopping anymore. :)
I am absolutely not monogamous with my knitting projects. I do get a lot more knit on one project if I concentrate on one. But that's not the way I usually work.

Only three?!?!!! On the needles...husband's sweater, sweater for a new grandson, miter squares, warshcloths, felted bag, afghan...need I go on? (I can, really) I like to have projects in the car in case I am eating alone, one in hubby's car, small projects, large projects, and of course charity projects.
I can't have more than one thing going at a time; 2 boys under 4! I can hardly remember my own name, let alone where I'm at in more than one project...

Plus, I have that "can't start that until I finish this" self inflicted guilt.
Yes Yes Yes - I always have a couple of projects going at once - and the small one is always in my bag to take with me.
I usually have more than 3 at a time. Lately I have a few easy projects going while I watch my daughter and I have a few that I can take to knit ins.
I wish I could be a monogamist when it comes to projects... unfortunatey, I have been a polygamist for way too long. I'd hate to have to confess the number of projects I have going. though I can say I only have two KNIT projects going at the moment. No, wait, three! But crochet? CrossStitch? Not only am I a knit polygamist - I am an many fiber, many craft polygamist too!! :)
I WAS monogamous until I started reading knitting blogs and realised that most people seem to have several projects going at once. I always felt guilty about starting something new if I hadn't finished the current thing, but finding out that other people did it all the time kind of gave me permission to try it too, and I have to say I like the variety. If I have a deadline for an item - if it's a birthday gift for example - I might concentrate on that one thing for a while. Otherwise, I chop and change depending on how I feel.
Currently, the hot weather (very unusually hot for the UK) is not making me feel like knitting at all though - which those of you in places which regularly have hot weather will no doubt think is very wimpish of me!
However, one of my projects has just developed a deadline, so I will have to get back on with it.
I always have knitting and sewing projects going on. In fact, The Knitting Answer Book recommends rotating through different projects to prevent repetitive stress injuries! I felt better after reading that.
I used to have to finish one project before starting another. But then I discovered the joys of polygamy! :) I have projects to work on during the day or night; long knitting session things or quick throw-in-the-car-if-i-get-five-minutes projects...

I am reaching maximum density, though, and finished TWO projects yesterday.
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