Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Rag rug, and mitered square

Rag rug

My old-tshirt-rag rug has been finished for about a week now. I used the calamari method, and it took around 10 shirts (some youth sized, some adult) on US36 needles. I must admit, my hands tensed up sometimes - it was one of those projects where a few rows at a time was usually enough. Nonetheless, the rug worked up pretty quickly.

I cut the t-shirt strips a bit too thick at first, and soon learned not to do that. So my gauge varied ... but since I intended it as a mat for the dog to lie on, that's no big deal. I'll be more careful next time!

Mitered square
In other news, I finished my first-ever mitered square. Now I understand why so many of you are addicted to them! Since I don't plan to make 79 more right now, this is going straight to Jennifer for her Ukraine mitered square project. It's a worthy use for my precious bit of Cotton-Ease. :)

Looks great!! I have finished 2 squares, I'm probably going to get 4 out of the 2 skeins of yarn I have. I'll post when I'm all done.
The rug looks great!
Love the rug. And I have some t-shirts ready to cut-up.

Just wondering... what was the t-shirt strip width that turned out to be your favorite?

And what size is the rug from 10 shirts?
Have you already blocked that square? Mine tend to roll quite a bit. I'm wondering if it is how I am casting on.
Mitred square, so pretty. And the rug looks great!
Rolling - mine rolled too, when you are finished, lay it flat and squirt with water bottle, this should straighten out the edges.
Woo hoo! The square is so pretty. Can't wait to add it to the collection. I would love to make a T-shirt rug myself, but hubby doesn't want to let go of any of his ratty old shirts.
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