Monday, July 10, 2006



There was scribbling at my house and it was done by an adult and not on a wall. We're all proud. I used a combo of some sort of kidsilk-like stuff in periwinkle blue and a silver nylon very, very slippity Berocco stuff that defied winding into any sort of ball. I knit on huge circulars and cast on a good 10 or so more stitches than the book calls for because I like my shawls deep and wide. It knit up quickly and once I got used to the strange feeling of knitting a row and sliding it over to knit from the other side, I really enjoyed the process. I have big plans to make another soon.

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I love the look you created with the two yarns.
Wow, looks perfect
That's beautiful!
Sometimes the simplest patterns can be the most beautiful finished objects.
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