Monday, July 17, 2006


Sherbet Mitres

I have certainly enjoyed creating the 4-in-one mitred. Such a challenge for me and with a big pay off. It still needs to be blocked, but not sewn!!! I played with the colors a little and the striping. Fun! Perfect for this hot hot hot humid weather!

I LOVE THIS!!! i love the, love, love. fill us in on the yarn details. what is it? what colors?
I used the Tahki yarn. Some of it is left over from my log cabin on going endeavor and some is new.
I love the colors!!!

In this heat, they look wonderful!!
Go Cindra! Knittin' miters! Go Cindra! xoxo Kay
I love this!! How beautiful.
Wow Cindra, beautiful. I need to try the no-sew mitres. That with my old-sorry, kay's old--sash and block will make for one much easier blanket!
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