Monday, July 24, 2006


Yarn Sources

Went to the local Wal Mart today, and found a really slim assortment of Peaches 'n Cream. There were two cones labeled "Potpourri Ombre" I think it was, and they looked almost like they weren't the same color. I found the color name on the wrapper, but the dye lot was on a label inside the cone, and they were NOT the same. One had pink sections, while the other had red! The Elmore-Pisgah website has loads of colors that there wasn't even a space for in the store.

Meijer's (in Ohio) had a sale on Sugar 'n Cream cones last week - at $5.99 per cone. Assortment also not great, but the price was pretty darn good. I don't know if they had more earlier in the sale. Wasn't a member of the blog last week, so couldn't post this earlier. The moral of the story is - keep your eyes open.

I believe that due to the amazing popularity of MDK that the stores can't keep it on the shelves fast enough. When I went to Walmart by my mom's in Boston, they were basically sold out and had very little to choose from for Peaches n' Cream. I went to AC Moore the next day and it was the same thing for Sugar n' Cream. It seems that if we are willing to wait a few days, the internet is the best place to have a better selection of both
I was so frustrated last night... I went to Michael's to get the SnC that was on sale for $1 a skein (small skeins) and they had almost no colors left! Certainly no colors I'd use to make my absorba with... :(

I did get a raincheck and I found that they do have dyelots on them...
The best selection seems to be Michael's, SnC. I was there this morning and they had a big selection...but I don't think there is a HUGE following (besides myself) of MDK in Troy, MI :)
Walmart is scary here too, and they don't have PnC in general.
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