Monday, August 07, 2006


63 More Squares To Go!

The good news: I've finished 17 squares.
The bad news: I've another 63 more to go!
Must. Persevere. Really. Must.
Holly of HollYarns

wow, that looks great. just keep thinking about how great it's going to be! (that's what's keeping me going with my log cabin)
These look beautiful! What's the yarn? Some type of Noro? Keep up the great work & please post a photo when it's all finished! :)
Wow! That is going to be an amazing blanket.
Beautiful. The end product will be worth it.
It's so beautiful, it will definitely be worth it in the end!
Oh, this is beautiful. Persevere, persevere!
You can do it! It looks wonderful so far.
Beautiful! I love how the Noro is creating the striping for you and its randomness gives a new aesthetic from the other samples. Can't wait to see the finished blanket!
What is the finished size of this going to be, Holly? 80 squares! A daunting proposition! Good luck and please keep sending the pictures. I love this project. --Sally
Thanks you-all for the kind words and encouragment! So far I have only been using Noro Silk Garden, but my SP8 pal mentioned that she might be sending some leftover Kureyon. If so, that'll go into the mix. The end-all size of the blanket (at eighty squares) is to be 48X60 inches--it'll be a reading/movie watching curling up in an armchair throw. If I still have the heart left in me to do twenty more squares, it'll be 60X60 inches. BTW-4 individual mitered squares=1 square foot.
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