Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ballband Dishcloth - Carrying Colors

Hello - here's a basic question on the ballband dishcloth. Do you cut your yarn each time you change color in the stripes and then weave in all those ends when you are finished knitting? Or, is there a way to carry one color up through the rows of the alternate color so that you don't have so many ends to weave in? Thanks!

No cutting, no weaving, just carry the color up the side.
I confess, I don't even weave in the yarn.... I just tie knots......
I just carried the yarn up the side.
Just carry the yarn up, one of the beauties of this baby is minimal weaving!
I carry up the side, and when I remember, wrap with the other colour on the alternate rows, but if you leave them long, they look just like the slipped stitches on the others side--and it IS a washrag, right!
One way to carry the yarn up is to knit the first stitch with both colors. Drop the unused color and continue across the row. You probably wouldn't want to do this if you were knitting anything except a dishcloth. But it makes a strong edge. And the double yarn stitch is hardly noticeable
I, too, am carrying it up the edge - I wrap it around every other row...
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