Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Doggy Buttons!

Here's a closeup of the super-cute doggy buttons I put on my kimono. (Sorry about the very obvious white kitty hair.) I used Mission Falls 1824 Superwash wool, and it turned out very nice and soft and lovely! Since we're only supposed to post one picture per post... check out this for a pic of the entire kimono, and THIS!!! for a sneak peek at the package for my swapcloth pal!

Very nice work on the kimono. Love the buttons!
Love that color in the kimono, and those doggy buttons are just adorable.
Where did you get those buttons?
I tell you the buttons really scream "snips and snails and puppy dog tails". That is such a cute little boy kimono
Love the color! I think I will use Mission Falls to make one for my sister's baby, due in March (not sure yet if it's a little girl or little guy).

Also LOVE the doggie buttons.

The cat hair cracks me up b/c I often find hair of the dog type on my projects. Gotta love your pets!
You added buttons instead of ribbon! That is such a great idea. The ribbons seemed too girly for my friend who wants to be "surprised" by her baby's gender. Did you alter the patter at all?
Thanks, all! I made 2 buttonholes instead of sewing on ribbons, since it was for a boy. I made a basic bo buttonhole, and I couldn't tell you exactly when or where. I just did it when it looked right. The buttons came from my favorite LYS, and I didn't pay any attention to the brand. Sorry. :)
Oh, that is so very cute! Love the buttons, too.
Your kimono is just adorable! I think the buttons look even better than the ties - especially for a boy.
Your kimono is lovely, dog buttons are adorable but the cat hair truly makes the kimono! Hate to admit it but my dog is a part of every project I make:):):)
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