Wednesday, August 09, 2006


First Ball Bands

OK, here's my first ball band and 9 patch. The yellow ones are complete too but I don't have pics yet...I'll put those up soon. I can't wait until my baby kimono is done!

Pics 003

Pics 010

I also have a novice question...when the log cabin blanket starts to get really big how do you get all the stitches on??? I have never knit anything very big yet, so just curious...

You use a circular needle. I've got two log cabins on the needles now. You should be able to see the long needles in the pics on my blog.
Big circs, I'm using a 40 inch for Absorba (though I'm making it bigger), but they come even bigger than that.
I bought a 60" metal circ, it works great! I am hoping I can use it for other things, but the hiya-hiya needle is really inexpensive. Check it out at
Good luck on your log cabin.
I really like your green dishcloths! They look great!
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