Sunday, August 13, 2006


HELP with picking up stitches-LOG CABIN

I am working on my first log cabin and have never picked up stitches before and am really confused as to how to do it and all videos I can find seem to be demonstrating it for like sock knitting and I am not sure if the same process applies to this so I thought I better ask. Also when you pick up stitches do you immediately knit it or knit it after you have all stitches picked up?? Ok I guess by now it is sooo obvious that I have NO CLUE LOL so any advise telling how and good videos showing how would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU!!!

Check out the Picking Up Stitches video on Knitting Help
You can find it here
I put the needle through and wrap with the new colour, which I think some call picking up and some picking up and knitting. I don't know that it matters which way you go as long as you are consistent throughout the project (and since none of these are for wearing, precise measuring isn't as critical).
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