Sunday, August 06, 2006


I wonder why ...

I'm suddenly craving ice cream? Couldn't resist this yummy combo. Just the thing for this east coast heat wave we've been having.

All bb dishcloths look great, but I think this one is my absolute favorite. GREAT colors!
Oh my goodness, how absolutely darling! I may dish up one of those ice creams, I mean dishcloths myself! Chelle
Yum. Hmm, I'm in the mood for a vanilla sundae with pineapple topping...
What a GREAT choice of colors!
Yummy!! Love this!
Can you tell me what colors you used please?
Thanks for the comments, everyone!

The colors are strawberry, chocolate ... oh, wait, no ... it's Sugar n Cream (ha! sugar & cream, get it?) Rose Pink, White, Jute, and the ombre background is Rosewood with pink, white, and the beige. (The spoon is Pottery Barn circa 1979.)
It's so amazing how these colors work together. I'm starting to just blindly grab 2 colors from my stash!
I LOVE that color combo!!!!
OMG That is sooo great! LOL. I just LOVE IT!!!! Now I'm thinkin' I need a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream BB dishcloth......hehehe
Delicious!!! I love it, ice cream is the perfect inspiration for color combinations. Very Clever:)
That looks so yummy-cute, I can't even stand it!
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