Sunday, August 27, 2006


Love those bibs!

I'm so excited to publish my first post! I won my signed MDK from a LYS. I was so excited to win it! I love the amazing projects it contains.

My first project was a bib for my son. I enjoyed making it so much, I made 2 more. The one modeled here by my son was made with Sugar & Cream. For the other 2 , I used Cottontots and Tweedy Cotton Classic. We love them!

My next projects will be ballbands and towels for my daughter who is getting married, and an Absorba for my bathroom.

Wow, what a cutie (and the bib is nice too!).
It's nice to see the bib modeled on a baby. Have fun with the knitting.
What a darling! Thanks for showing us a bib on an actual little one.
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