Thursday, August 10, 2006


Mason Dixon KAL

Baby Moderne Blanket

I tried to post this a little while ago and Blogger was misbehaving. So this may be a duplicate. If so, I apologize. I just wanted to show the picture of my first Baby Moderne blanket. I used Bernat Cottontots on size 8 needles. This is a little loose for that yarn but it made it nice and soft which I'm sure my grandchild-to-be will appreciate! I've also made a cardigan variation on the kimono to go with this but I haven't blocked it or bought the buttons. That will have wait until I have more time. So will the photo. But I wanted to post this before I forgot. --Sally

I like the varigation. It looks very neat!
This is very nice! I like the varigated yarn mixed in!
Another voice chiming in to say I like the use of varigated yarn--very nice and crisp.
Great color choice. Excellent job!
I love the colors! Great job.
This looks great! Love the colors you have chosen!
It really is beautiful with the varigated in there.
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