Friday, August 25, 2006


Mason Dixon KAL

Mason Dixon KAL
I finished my first project - a lovely ball band warshcloth - does have a couple of mistakes - but I learned a lot from doing this first project. And it used two colors and it wasn't a scarf or a hat!!!!

I will figure out how to post a picture soon!

Had left this question on one of the posts, but wanted to put it out here, too:

on the moss grid towel, where the pattern says 'all instructions from this point start in the 6th stitch"....what do you do in the first 6 stitches? am I just totally confused (am still a knittin newbie!)

The first six stitches are a repeat of the knit one purl one that you did for the first six rows. The "knit one purl one" border goes all around the towel (it helps make the towel lie flat), so to make it go up the sides you have to do it on every row.

Enjoy your towel!
Thank you so much mariel!!!! I am starting one tonight...can't wait...wish I could leave work and start now....or maybe just bring the needles and yarn to work....

My eyes are glazing over in anticipation...going to my happy yarn place!
Happy Yarn Place!
I LOVE that!

Good luck with your towel.
Just a concern...the first FIVE stitches should be in the K1 P1--you will start the main pattern on the sixth stich. I just made one and I love it! Happy knitting!
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