Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Mason Dixon KAL

YYYYEEEEE HHHAAWWW!!!! (yes, we really say that in Kentucky)!!! My daughter just called me and told me that my big ol' order of my Log Cabin yarn came in the morning mail!!

Now I want to go home....but I can't...I must stay and work...I must concentrate..I cannot go home and feel the yarn right family needs my income...they need regular meals...and a roof over their heads...I will keep repeating this to myself..


Kentucky Purl and Frog

Well, you have to give us more details than that! What colors, what yarn, how many etc? I am so excited for you!
Here's the web page so you can see the colors:

It is Elann Sonata and my colors are:
Coffee Bean, Butterscotch, Inca Gold, Grand Canyon, Cape Cod Blue and Tarragon.

I'm really excited, too!
Those colors are wonderful! I'm looking at elann sonata or highland for my moderne blanket, but I can't decide which to use!! They're probably the same weight, but...
You are justifiably excited. The colors are a unique blending and will evoke a feeling of delight as you work with each one. Congratulations! Let the fun begin.
Do keep us updated.
I am so glad you like the colors. I plan on posting photos of the WIP!!!
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