Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Mercerized cotton and log cabin

So. I got carried away and bought some Nashua Creative Focus cotton, which is mercerized. A buncha it.

As I looked at the happy colors all nestled together, I thought, ohmigosh, a log cabin! My question for all you more creative and experienced kuh-nitters is, would this yarn work for the log cabin? It doesn't seem to have a lot of "heft" for lack of a better word.


Mason Dixon KAL

I'm working on a log cabin using Sonata, which is also mercerized's looking great! Go for it if you like it.
I would think it would be just fine. I'm working on a log cabin and am using several yarns. I am using mostly Cotton Classic but have added some Provence, Online Linc, and Elann's Sonata. Compared to the Cotton Classic the Provence and Linc are about a hair thicker and the Sonata is a hair thinner. This is not noticable and as long as they behaved when washed it should be fine.
I used Cotton Classic for the Moderne baby blanket and it was fine. My SIL loves it!
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