Monday, August 14, 2006


Nine patch rug is done -- except it's not

See what happened next here. Kelly

It's great as both a rug and a vest. But I think Nine said it best when she replied that it can always return to a rug when she outgrows it. And with how fast these kids grow, it'll be before you know it.
Totally off topic. But can I ask where you bought your bed? I LOVE it!
I think she knew she wanted it the whole time and just waited!
That's hilarious! I wonder how many other WIPs can be turned into other garments? Do you think she would have felt the same about a potholder loop rug/vest?
that's super cute.
off topic - is anyone else having issues signing in to their personal blog?!
OMG! That is totally cute! I can't believe a rug could do that! Great work.
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