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... and loving every minute of it! I wouldn't buy the book for the longest time because I didn't want to get distracted from my buttonhole bag obsession. After seeing all of the pictures on this blog, I couldn't stand it and finally bought the book. I started with the MD washcloth. I'm an experience knitter, but I frogged that washcloth completely 4 times. I moved on to the ballband, and I've enjoyed every second. I'll get back to the washcloth soon as I refuse to let that one beat me!

I'm making these for Christmas, and I'm maybe 1/2 way done. (The 2 buttonhole bags on the right are mine, though.) The buttonhole bags are made out of Lamb's Pride Bulky, and the ballbands are made out of SnC. Enjoy!

The mini-bags are GREAT! They look like they will make presents the girls will love! How big... how much yarn, what size needles?
Thanks! LOVE THEM!
holy smokes. you are a knitting machine.
Thanks, Ladies! The mini-bags take 3 skeins for 2 bags and end up about 10-1/2" at the widest and 5-1/2" tall. I followed the pattern exactly with the following changes:
1. bottom: knit 15 garter ridges (30 rows)
2. pick up a total of 44 stitches around the bottom to build the bag (instead of 56 stitches)
3. increase twice instead of three times (for a total of 52 stitches)
4. decrease one round instead of two (a total of 48 stitches left).
Hope this helps!
Linda... Perfectamento! Thanks for the information. -s
There are some corrections to the washrag. Maybe it's giving you so much trouble b/c you aren't incorporating the changes? The website says:

Mason-Dixon Washcloth, p. 55

Round 24: Delete psso.

You're quite impressive! What a stash...
Hey Bulldog!

Thank you!! Never made it to round 24, but it's nice to know for when I do. Thanks!
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