Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Online Source for Euroflax?

Can anyone recommend an online source for Euroflax linen?

I used worldknit.com to purchase two hanks and a cone of the Euroflax. The prices were pretty good, service was excellent, and shipping was par for the course of any on-line merchant. I posted last night a chevron towel using some of their Euroflax. I think I also wrote about it earlier on my and my sister's blog.

I bought some this weekend in peron at Pacific Wool and Fiber. They also have a web site with mail order.
They carry smaller skeins, 50 grams instead of 100 grams- so for the patterns in the book you would have to purchase two skeins if it calls for one.
The shop is quite small, the on line store looks a bit more expansive. I have no idea how there mail order or postage is. But it is a real place that I've seen, if that helps. But it's not in my immediate local area, a bit of a drive and I was passing through.
50 gram skeins cost 9.95.
I've purchased at http://www.handknitting.com/

The prices were great and they had great communication with order and shipment verification
I just placed an order with http://www.kendigcottage.com/ their prices seemed good. Just placed the order today so don't know how quick the shipping is :)
I have purchased from www.hillcreekfiberstudio.com and their prices are the lowest I have found. The 100 gram skeins are 16.95 and only residents of Missouri are required to pay sales tax. The shipping is fast and the service was excellent. Hope this helps.
I am a Louet dealer and am happy to order it. I don't stock it, but can order it.
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