Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Plums & Sages

I'm so loving this (best ever TV watching) project... can't wait for DH to hit the hay so I can watch movies and knit. I'm having so much fun just freewheeling it, changing colors when the mood strikes me or I just get tired of the color plum. I've been knitting on two circulars, leaving one with the stitches "live" and just picking those up as I pick up the few garter ridges of the neighboring color. I forget who mentioned this earlier in the KAL..but thanks! I've also been weaving in ends as I go....I know I'll be pleased with this effort in the end.
I'm thinking that I need to start on some linen hand towels for a shower gift soon. I tend to knit pretty loosely so I plan on using size 4 needles as I've seen recommended here. Y'all are such a great resource!

I also know how obsessed everyone is with this KAL and I'm going to time how quickly someone responds to the following query.

I'm at the office and plan to cast on a bib during my lunch for yet another kind of shower. My books at home though...how many stitches do I need to cast on.


Hey Stacey, I love your log cabin colors! I want to start one next month and am undecided on colors. As for the bib, you cast on 40 stitches. Good Luck!
9 minutes.... awesome. thanks for the cast on info.
LOL Stacey, your welcome. By the way, what brand yarn are you using and how many colors? I am just about wearing out my Knitpicks catalog for the perfect color combo. Yours are lovely!
Hey, This is great..do u specialize in colours....fantastic
oh, I did forget to mention that. I am using Plymouth Encore. It's my absolute favorite for baby stuff and thought it be a great choice to save some cabbage on such a large project. It's an acrylic/wool blend which has just enough wool to give it some heft. I think it knits up lovely and can't beat the washability for something that may be puked on... by babies or dogs.
Great colors! I've been looking for a yarn available in a "fall" colors for this project
Hi staceyvee...
I must agree with the others, your colors are fabulous! I'm about to work with Plymouth Encore for the first time on something else, and I'm pretty excited to try it.

You mentioned that you're using 2 circulars for thislog cabin blanket, can you give some more info on that, or point me to some links where others have discussed it?
I love your blanket so far. Colors are awesome. :-)
At Marce's request I have made an attempt at explaining how I'm using the two circulars for this project. I have posted these steps replete with with John Maddenesque diagram on my blog. Hope it helps.

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