Sunday, August 13, 2006


p.s to last post joining new color

ok I forgot to add in last post(sorry) after you pick up stitches and get ready to knit the next row with a different color how do you start the new color on it?? Thank so much for all your help and putting up with my confusion LOL

It can feel really awkward, but this is what I do... I sort of hold a tail of the new yarn with my left hand when I hold the left needle, kind of just pinning it down in the back until I get a few stitces done with the new color. The first ones will be sort of loose when you get back to that row, but you just pull and tighten to smooth them out. I have also taken a yarn needle with the beginning of the new color and woven it in around a stitch along the side to sort of hold it until i get a row or two done. Then when the new color is anchored, pull out that tail and weave it properly to hide it since it would show if woven to a contrasting color. Does that make sense?
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