Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Question about gaps in log cabin square

I know that a picture would really help to illustrate my question/problem, but I'd probably bring the whole www down trying to post a picture! So, here goes the written explanation. I am making log cabin squares that are about 8"x10" that I plan to sew together to make a baby blanket. The garter stitches look great and all the stitches are evenly spaced, except that there is a big gap between the first and second garter stitches ridge of each new color. It almost looks like I did a knit, purl instead of garter stitches, but I can see that I haven't done that. There's just a gap like my tension changed. But, it's so even and it's happening in the same place in each panel of new color. What am I missing? Does anyone else have this problem or anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

It sounds like it has something to do with the manner in which you are picking up your stitches. You might try starting with a purl row and seeing if this brings the bumps in the right direction. Otherwise, it might just be a nice design element to set off the logs.
I agree that it sounds like something with the way you are picking up stitches. I made a log cabin pillow and picked up stitches with a crochet hook, then transferred the stitches to my knitting needle and I noticed a similar "gap." That first row was also really loose in some places and super tight in others. I've started another log cabin and I'm picking up with my knitting needle and all of the problems with the first row disappeared.

Hope this helps!
(disclaimer: This may be a "duh" comment, but I'm a newer knitter!) I was looking at the video lesson on picking up stitches at and she recommends adding new stitches onto TWO existing stitches to prevent pulling- could this be the problem??
Thanks for your suggestions. I am sure you are right. I'm not picking up my stiches correctly. Dang - I thought this was going to be an easy and fun project. Lynne, I think you are referring to picking up both legs of a stitch when you are picking up along a cast on or cast off row. I am pretty sure that I have been doing that because that reduces the possibility of holes. It's probably something to do with being left handed or left brained! I've reversed something in the directions I'm following.
Also, check the archives from July (I think)...I believe some folks had discussed slipping the first stitch of each new color...perhaps due to this very problem?
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