Sunday, August 06, 2006


Scribble Lace in Progress

Well, I haven't done much, but I was so pleased with the effect, here it is! I am using Lion Brand Incredible and crochet cotton. I really appreciate the many projects in MDK that are inexpensive but look like a million bucks! I think I'll use this pattern for a lot of gifts.


Juniper Designs

I LOVE that - I have a "yo drop it" scarf from a stitch 'n bitch book I made from the incredible which I don't exactly love so I'm thinking I may unravel it for the scribble scarf now - I just need to pick up some matching crochet thread. Yours looks great :)
That looks like it's going to be lovely.
That's a beautiful color and texture combo. I am doing one in neutrals, but don't really like knitting it. The yarn (thread) is so slippery. I'm using my denise needles which I usually love knitting on, but with this yarn it is no fun. Have to put corks on the ends of the needles to keep the yarn from slipping off when no working on it. I love the effect so will probably continue with the project, but it is not one of my favorite to work on.
what size crochet thread are you using with the incredible?
Eureka! I have one 'skein' of that same color of Lion Brand Incredible and had no idea what to do with it. That scarf looks like it is going to be wonderful-- I know what I'm doing with that Incredible now.
Lindsey, I lost the ball band, but it's pretty heavy crochet cotton--at least size 3. The smaller numbers are thicker. I got it at Michael's. They have a nice selection of colors and fibers--I think this one may have some microfiber in it as well as cotton. It's got some texture so it's not slippery and pretty easy to work with.

Getting the hang of this pattern does take a minute, but once you get it, it's not hard.
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