Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Scribble scarf

I made a shrug out of some cotton ribbon yarn and had leftovers. Was hooked on the warshrags and now am obsessively making the bibs and these scarves.

These are great gifts, don't require a lot of yardage and it knits up quickly. The stockinette still curls but after blocking it lies much better. For the thin yarn, I used half sockotta and half Rowan denim. Still not sure if I will put this away for X-mas presents or will keep it for myself.

Modeled by my energetic 15 month old, Scarlett:

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More pictures:

Baby running with scarf

On me

Close up of stitch pattern

soooo cute!! I love her name too...Scarlett? How cute is that!
Cool scarf, adorable baby!
I love the scribble scarf. I want one so bad I was thinking about buying yet MORE yarn to do it with...sigh...Of course it is 30degrees here (celsius) with a humidex of 41! so I don't actually need a scarf right now. hmmmm...
Scarlett may need to keep that one for dress up. I love it.
What a great scarf
What size needle did you use?
What a great scarf
What size needle did you use?
I used size 15's. The thin yarn takes a bit of patience... the rowan denim was easier to deal with than the sockotta. It's DK weight while the sockotta is fingering weight.
The baby is even CUTER than the scarf!!!!
Your model is beauuuutiful! :o) The scarf looks great too!
Scarlett? Fabulous name...love it! She's ADORABLE, you couldn't ask for a better model. The scarf looks great, I love hte color combo.
OMG that photo is just the best! What a cutie! The scarf is nice too :-)
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